09 Dec 2018
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Add These 5 Nutrient-Packed Ingredients to Holiday Dishes

When the holiday season comes around, it seems impossible to stick to a healthy diet. While the holidays definitely allow for some delicious cheat meals, it’s important to stick to your dietary goals. Add these 5 nutrient-packed ingredients to holiday dishes.


There’s a reason that Popeye ate so much spinach. Spinach is loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants, iron, and fiber.

There are so many ways to enjoy spinach over the holiday season. In addition to enjoying festive spinach salads, spinach is also lovely steamed and served as a side dish.


There are so many kinds of beans, and all of them are nutrient-packed. Beans contain Vitamin B1 and B9, manganese, and fiber. In addition, beans are a wonderful (and filling) source of protein, so it can become the centerpiece of a meal if you see fit.

Beans are versatile. Not only do they provide tons of nutrients, but also flavor and texture to any recipe they’re added to. This holiday season, add beans to soups, stews, or just about anything you put into the crockpot.


While pistachios are a nut, and inherently contain healthy fats, they are nutrient-dense and easily incorporated into recipes. Pistachios contain high levels of Vitamin B6, are rich in antioxidants, and have a low calorie to high protein ratio.

Need to add some texture to a salad, soup, or holiday bread? Pistachios are wonderful raw or lightly toasted.


Believe it or not, eggs can be enjoyed far after breakfast time is over. High in protein and germ-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, eggs are a versatile nutrient-dense addition to holiday recipes.

Eggs have been used to bind food together for centuries. From a festive frittata to a gooey bread-pudding, don’t forget the eggs.


Garlic is in everything delicious, but did you also know its packed with essential nutrients?

Studies show that garlic contains high levels of Vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. In addition, garlic also has a high amount of protein.

Integrating garlic into your holiday meals is simple. Garlic is a delicious component of salad dressings, is a great seasoning on sauteed vegetables, and adds flavor to meats.

Don’t Forget CBD!

Did you know that CBD is also a nutrient-dense ingredient that can be added to food?

CBD is a patented neuroprotective antioxidant, a proven anti-inflammatory, and an essential immune system boost during the holiday season. There’s no denying that CBD is one of the many nutrient-packed foods you can enjoy over the holidays.

Infinite CBD puts pure CBD isolate alongside omega-3 fatty acids, like coconut oil, to give you the perfect addition to any recipe. If you need to add flavor to a salad dressing, or looking for a creamy frosting recipe, CBD is a worthwhile addition.

Guilt-Free with Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

Okay, so maybe all of your holiday recipes won’t be “guilt-free,” but at least they contain the best nutrient-packed ingredients. This year, enjoy the holidays and your favorite meals, and maybe add a little CBD!

Want to add CBD to your holiday dishes? You can find all of our CBD isolate products here.



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