10 Jul 2018
naturally relieve your pet's anxiety

5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Anxiety in Pets

People everywhere welcome a pet into their family with the hopes of giving it a comfortable and fun life. As our pets are trained and interact with people, new places, and other animals, they can experience generalized or occasionally anxiety. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your pet. These are 5 ways to naturally relieve anxiety in pets.

1.) Playing Music

Playing music is a great way to create a calm environment for your pet. Even if your pet doesn’t have anxiety at home, noises outside can disrupt their zen. Everything from construction and landscaping noise, or even other dogs barking, can make your pet anxious. Playing music, especially classical music, helps to tune out disruptive noises, naturally relieving anxiety in your pet.

2.) Swaddle Your Pet

If your pet becomes anxious at the sound of thunder or fireworks, swaddling your pet can naturally relieve their anxiety. You can swaddle your pet in a blanket, scarf, or even a small t-shirt. Feeling the constant pressure from being swaddled helps to relax your pet, even in the most stressful of times.

3.) Mask Your Reaction

Masking your reaction to your pet’s anxiety can, oddly enough, help to calm down your pet. Oftentimes, our pets mirror our emotions and reactions. By masking your reaction, you can help to subtly and naturally relieve your pet’s anxiety. Having trouble masking your reaction? Take a few breaths and try to be a champ for your pet, or pass the torch to a family member who has calming attributes.

4.) Use a Positive Distraction

When anxiety in your pet strikes, using a positive distraction can help to relieve your pet’s anxiety. What is a positive distraction? A special treat they like snacking on, their favorite toy, or putting them in their favorite place in the house are all positive distractions.

5.) CBD Pet Droppers

If your pet experiences general anxiety, or anxiety in particular situations, CBD Pet Droppers can help to naturally relieve your pet’s anxiety. Studies suggest that CBD helps anxiety in animals, helping them to calm down and react less erratically to stimulating situations. Pet Droppers are easy to give to your pet, and with no artificial ingredients or added colors, your pet won’t mind if you add them to their water or food.

Natural Anxiety Relief for Pets

Our pets bring some much happiness into our lives. In their time of need, when they experience anxiety, you can help them to calm down. By integrating these 5 strategies, you can naturally relieve anxiety in your pets.


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  1. Why is the pet dropper specific to pets? I don’t see a difference in ingredients or strengths. Could I just use the human isolate & be safe?


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