01 Jun 2018
5 ways to manage PTSD symptoms.

5 Ways to Naturally Manage PTSD Symptoms

Every year, roughly 3 million people in the United States are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (also known as PTSD). PTSD symptoms can occur following a traumatic event. When memories or circumstances arise, an individual with PTSD may have feelings of anxiety, extreme fear, insomnia, flashbacks, and even nightmares.

June is PTSD Awareness Month, bring this common medical condition to the forefront of our conversation. To kick off the month, here are 5 ways to naturally manage PTSD symptoms.

5 Ways to Naturally Manage PTSD Symptoms

1. Exercise

Exercise regardless of intensity or time spent in the gym is incredibly mood boosting. If you find that you’re having a particularly hard day managing your PTSD, any amount of exercise will help you to refocus. Additionally, exercise is scientifically mood-boosting due to the release of endorphins aerobic activity stimulates. No matter what you’re struggling with on a given day, exercise can always help.

2. Set Boundaries

It is difficult to set boundaries, but it is critical to do so when you’re recovering from a traumatic experience. Setting boundaries, especially for your mental health, allows you to set tangible goals. In addition, these boundaries can help you to avoid situations where your PTSD symptoms might flare up. If a particular genre of movie, tv show, or conversation can cause anxiety or a flashback, set your boundaries and then listen to them. This act alone is empowering and can relieve you of a lot of unnecessary stress.

3. Have a Creative Outlet

Having PTSD means that you probably have a lot of feelings, good, bad, or somewhere in between. Channeling all of your emotions into a creative outlet can help you to process, heal, and move forward. Your creative outlet could be writing, painting, photography, cooking, or even gardening.  A creative outlet is a great way to naturally manage your PTSD symptoms while also immersing yourself in a hobby you enjoy.

4. Avoid Overly Stimulating Situations

For someone with PTSD, many seemingly normal situations can be over-stimulating. A mall, concert venue, convention center, and pep-rally are good places to avoid until you feel as though you have the coping skills. Stimulating situations, or activities, like watching the news, can also provoke PTSD. Identifying situations that may be over-stimulating and avoiding those at first is a great way to manage your symptoms of PSTD.

5. Try CBD

Research suggests that CBD can help to alleviate many symptoms of PTSD. Studies show that CBD can help with sleep regulation, more specifically insomnia. Anxiety is a common symptom of PTSD, which research shows can be alleviated by CBD. Some studies, which address public speaking and social-phobias also show that CBD can help to calm fears in those environments.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, starting a CBD regimen may help. You can learn more about CBD here.

June is PTSD Awareness Month

This month, strive to increase PTSD awareness. Using this knowledge, you can help yourself, or your loved ones to naturally manage their PTSD.

Has CBD helped to alleviate your PTSD symptoms? Tell us more in the comments!

Rachel Noall

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