10 Oct 2017
Infinite CBD sponsors 420 yoga retreat with cannabis terpene aromatherapy.

420 Yoga Retreat with Infinite CBD

420 Yoga Retreat

“Bhava na sana hridayam”

“May this cannabis be a blessing to my heart”

This weekend Infinite CBD sponsored the 420 Yoga Retreat hosted by Yogi D, America’s Relaxation Expert, at the Aspen Canyon Ranch.

“I have never felt so connected to a group of people in my whole life,” said Yogi D after movement meditation.

Finding Your Intentions Through Cannabis and Yoga

The 420 Yoga Retreat is all about going with your own flow and exploring the benefits of yoga and cannabis. Yogi D believes yoga and cannabis together is the most powerful stress reliever in the world. Stress relief was a focus of the retreat since many attendees were working a corporate job.

Infinite CBD Sponsors 420 Yoga Retreat

Infinite CBD provided the 420 Yoga Retreat attendees with our new P.M. Capsules which feature a small dose of melatonin with CBD. Before free time, we provided everyone with a CBD infused Pumpkin Protein Bar using our Absolute Zero. CBD and protein was perfect to soothe sore muscles and recover from a day of yoga, slack lining and hiking.

Pumpkin Protein Bar Recipe:

CBD protein bar

In addition, we also featured our cannabis-derived terpenes during both meditation and yoga sessions. Using aromatherapy and a diffuser, we took Tangie and Skittles terpenes to provide strain-specific effects.

“Deep breath in,” says the instructor in a calming voice, as the class takes an inhale of Tangie as the morning meditation session. Tangie was the perfect strain for the first activity of the morning at the 420 Yoga Retreat. We focused on finding peace and inner stillness while feeling the stress relieving effects of Tangie.

Educating with CBD

We were also fortunate to speak and discuss Infinite CBD and what we do. During this time, we educated the group about other cannabinoids in cannabis, CBD, and the endocannabinoid system. It was surprising to find out that many people of the group had no idea what CBD even was or that we had an endocannabinoid system.

It was a pleasure to speak and educate people about CBD and how it is impacting our customers lives on a daily basis. One young lady grew up in Connecticut where she got Lyme disease but has never even heard of CBD before.

Customers report CBD provides them relief from symptoms of Lyme disease. In fact, our first customer was a man with lyme disease who was looking to an alternative to prescription pain medications. After one day of consuming, he reported back;
“This is the most pain free I have felt for years.”

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