31 Dec 2018
31 Days of Health with CBD

31 Days of Health with CBD

31 Days of Health with CBD

Kick Start 2019 in good health with Infinite CBD’s 31 Days of Health with CBD. Infinite CBD has joined together with a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, recovery, and nutritionist to provide 30 days of ways to get healthy, in addition to CBD.

Research demonstrates CBD to have a wide variety of potential benefits but CBD is not a “cure-all” miracle. Infinite CBD encourages customers to incorporate other ways of healthy living into their daily routine to fully benefit from the potential CBD provides.

For the month of January, professionals who use and recommend Infinite CBD in their respected fields have offered insight and knowledge on how to become healthier. From unique food cleanses and mental health tips to mediation and sports recovery, incorporate additional health regimes into your daily CBD consumption.

Topics: 31 Days of Health with CBD

  • Nutrition: Having a good diet and nutrition is important to living a healthy lifestyle. Reduce stress and inflammation, increase gut health, and detox naturally with foods. Learn expert advice from holistic nutritionist Stephanie Rome on how to feel good with nutrition.
  • Yoga/Meditation: Life brings all kinds of stress and anxiety. Whether in the office or outside work, incorporate yoga and meditation techniques to reduce stress.
  • Mental Health: One in five American adults experience a mental health issue, according to mentalhealth.gov. During a week of mental health tips and awareness, do a self care quiz, learn about addiction recovery, and implement breathing techniques on a stressful day.
  • Recovery: Daily activities take a toll on our bodies. Stretching and creating mobility within your joints and muscles will keep your body functioning properly and at its best.

Calendar: 31 Days of Health with CBD

    • Week 1- January 1-8; Nutrition
    • Week 2- January 9-16; Yoga
    • Week 3- January 17-24; Mental Health
    • Week 4- January 25-31; Recovery

Week 1 of 31 Days of Health

T: Detox tea
W: Fight inflammation w/ foods
Th: Low sugar CBD smoothie recipe
F: Natural hangover cure
S: Warming Cleanse
S: Deep sleep tips
M: Gut/Digestive health; ginger tumeric juice w/ CBD
T: Stress fighting foods

Week 2 of 31 Days of Health

W: Keyboard calisthenics
Th:Open Chest Stretch
F: Meditation
S: Yoga in bed
S: Yoga for couch potatoes
M: Ragdoll pose
T: Email meditation
W: Meditation

Week 3 of 31 Days of Health

Th: Create The Life You Want
F: Addiction Recovery: Techniques For Staying Sober
S: Anxiety: A Multi-Dimensional Approach To Peace
S: Self-care quiz
M: Fall In Love With Yourself
W: Tapping to Relieve Stress & Clear Negative Emotions
Th: Breathing: 10 Breaths To Create Joy

Week 4 of 31 Days of Health

F: Standing Elbow Curls
S: Inner/outer thigh
S: Foot circles and points
M: Hip crossover stretch
T: Sitting floor twist
W: Function run
Th: Hip flexor lifts


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  1. Hi. I am a yoga practitioner and instructor, teacher, and have pain from injury in knee and hip. I have tried some local products in Florida but, when I visited Colorado I tried some things there that couldn’t compare. Is there any chance you are looking for someone else in your study? I don’t mind paying but want to know I will have some relief. I eat pretty well and take supplements, but have pain and yoga/meditation and other things help. Just want to know the nano particle technology can make a difference.


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